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We are involved in various forms of video production on multiple platforms. These are rest of the video making that fullfil our creative hunger:

eyeshot video production


We have pioneered to produce high quality commercials loaded with fresh and innovative ideas. Regardless of medium we continues to create eye-catching ads and commercials running across various display platforms like road-side LED screens, display screens in Clubs, Malls etc.

eyeshot commercials


Be it AD Film, Corporate Films, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Video Production, Television Production, TV shows, Video Production, Promotional Films, AV Films, TV Show Packaging, Promos, Presentation Films, 2D & 3D Films, Motion Graphics, Video Graphics, Fiction And Non-Fictional Programmes.

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A Corporate Film is the most effective medium to reach out every corner of the business world, convey the correct and clear visual messages about your products services. It easily gets your point across in an informative, active, and interesting way. We have indeed certain creative & powerful ideas to be infused in for producing a Corporate Film. Our work ethics are based on perfect services, competitive pricing and hightest quality possible that gives more value for your money.

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In our Beirut facility, we provide almost all kind of equipment from production to post-production. For instance we can arrange any DV, HD or FILM Cameras, Lights, Accessories, Dolly, Crane, track, DV & Betacam HD Recorder etc.

eyeshot equipment rental services


We have in-house LIVE BROADCAST facility from where you can directly uplink video feed to any satellite channel in the world. In addition to that we have the complete package like Multi Camera Setup and other necessary equipment to send live broacast feed. Prior booking are requested before you rent our facility. In addition to it, the studio premises can be used for CHROMA and in-house video shooting, Interviews, Casting etc.

eyeshot studio facility


We have state of the art post production facility with integrated EDIT SUITES for high quality video editing and graphics. We have a team of highly talented professionals to do all the post work needed to get your project output on time.

eyeshot post production


We at Eyeshot not only stop at working on our own but extend our hands to any one who is coming to Middle East for Filming or Video Production. We lend our services, equipment and even manpower to realize your dreams to come in this region and focus on your creativity and let us take care of all nitty gritty of the production. So next time you visit here, give us a call to assist you in your production and we promise you a smooth working experience and offer highly competitive prices for equipment & manpower.

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We at Eyeshot value our clients and build long lasting relationships!